Sakawa Printing is located in Ehime Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku.

Never heard of it? In Japan, it's famous for its unique varieties of citrus fruit, the country's oldest hot spring and delicious fresh seafood.

Our company was founded in 1947, when printing was in demand. Times have changed – and so have we. Our services now include production of signs and displays, web design and EC site creation. We'll help you spread the word – or image.

Sunset from Yoshida Bay
TAI fish

Sakawa Printing takes a pioneering role in sustainable printing in Japan

We were awarded the "Ehime Prefecture Certificate of Excellence for Sustainable Business" and recognised as a "Green Printing Company". In addition, our CTP systems are now all completely chemical-free. As well as our commitment to sustainability, we also prioritise automation. All processes are now fully automated, using JDF (CIF4) multi-vendor networks and automated data exchange. In response to customer needs, we are targeting even shorter delivery times with "quick-dry printing", using newly installed LED-UV printers and colour digital printers.


We support women in the workplace by using Polar CuttingSystem

At Sakawa Printing, we promote the proactive appointment of women and their participation in the workplace. Thanks to our Polar CuttingSystem machine, we have been able to standardise work processes and enhance safety, allowing all employees, including women, to carry out operations on equal footing.


With printing as our core business, Sakawa Printing offers clients a wide range of product proposals

Our digital printing business covers sublimation printing methods, soft signage fabric products created from original designs, panel products, inkjet products and clothing/t-shirt printing. For panel products, we offer speedy yet high-quality and high-precision cutting of any type of material with our large-format cutting plotter. We print, process and finish inkjet products using a variety of materials with our large-format inkjet printer. We can create customised products for both interior and exterior use.


Our challenge continues as we develop new business fields.

We see ourselves as your communication partner. For example, we can produce professional videos of Japan for your business using aerial photography with drones, or stunning presentations using chroma key techniques. Japan is full of amazing images that we'd like to show you.

Discover Japan and its traditions.


Get "happi" – it's a traditional Japanese jacket and we manufacture it to order.
That's just one of our unique activities to promote tourism in Ehime Prefecture and Shikoku.

We'd like to sell happi overseas in future – see our facebook page and website for pictures – so keep checking back as English versions are coming soon! In the meantime, feel free to browse our YouTube Channel for videos of Japan.

We've optimised our process to create even more added value.

Sakawa Printing
Sakawa Printing

From planning to printing,
our specialised departments handle the entire production process up to shipping.

Using tools such as the Management Information System (MIS) and Job Definition Format (JDF) for workflow control, we monitor each step of the process. By automating our key processes, we leave more time for people to do the work that only people can do, like project planning.

Masazumi Sakawa

Message from the President

Masazumi Sakawa

Our goal is to be trusted and valued as a solutions provider by customers in this region. We've always followed a policy of constantly adapting and improving with the changing times to enable us to meet a wide range of customer needs.

President Masazumi Sakawa


Head Office: 6-21 Toiya-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 791-8018, Japan

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